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What Are Julianne's Clients Saying About Her Doula Services?

"My husband and I approached Julianne because we wanted some extra support during our pregnancy and birth of our first child. When we interviewed Julianne, we knew immediately that she would be a perfect fit for the position of our birth doula. Julianne provided both my husband and me with incredible support during our fairly difficult labor and delivery. When things started deviating from our birth plan, Julianne always had a way to put the situation into a more palatable perspective, leaving my husband and me feeling relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge. Julianne has a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, pain management, stress relief and a broad understanding of medical procedures, all of which enabled her to guide us through labor and delivery. One thing that I found especially wonderful about Julianne is that she always stayed one step ahead and was able to quickly offer suggestions in order to keep labor progressing. Even though our labor and delivery strayed from our original plan, Julianne helped us to make decisions that would keep us as close to the birth plan as possible. We highly recommend Julianne and have confidence that she can make your experience as memorable and wonderful as she made ours."   Posted 1/5/2017


"I sought Julianne as my postpartum doula when we knew we were expecting twins in October 2016. During our first meeting, both my husband and I knew that Julianne will be a great fit for us due to her technical background (before becoming a full-time doula) and her interest in providing customized care for family with multiple cultures (Taiwanese & American). Julianne started the home care in the third postpartum week after my twins’ NICU stay. She showed her enthusiasm in caring for my boys, bonding of the twins with their big brother, and of course caring for me. There’s no doubt of her credentials as a postpartum doula. I liked that she seemed to always know what I wanted or needed at certain moments and provided help before I stressed out. I especially enjoyed the times when she shared her own mothering experience with me. I felt in some way connected with all other moms going through the same struggles and difficulties. With her encouragement and positive vibes, she made me believe and be confident that I am a great mom for my kids. I’m grateful and lucky to have her company during this special period of postpartum times. Thank you, Julianne!" Posted 12/22/2016

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Doula Services Julianne Offers

Birth Doula Services - During your pregnancy, I help you prepare for the delivery of your baby. I work with you to help ease fears, answer questions, and develop a birth plan of your choosing.  During labor, I stay with you continuously and assist your partner in comfort techniques to support you. I provide emotional support and other nonmedical aspects of your care. You can count on me to make sure your family is nurtured and supported with kindness and respect.

Postpartum Doula Services - Parenting a newborn baby is messy. You are tired. Your body is recovering. And things will come up that you've never seen before - even if this isn't your first baby. As a Postpartum Doula, I come to your home and provide hands-on maternal care, encouragement, newborn education, and lots more. I help to lessen your stress, make sure mom is nurtured and give you the gift of enjoying parenthood during this special time.

Bereavement Doula Services -   I am here to offer you support during any trimester of pregnancy with any birth outcome. Bereavement and grief are difficult. As a Bereavement Doula, I walk your journey with you during situations of infertility, miscarriage, fatal diagnosis, NICU care, and rainbow births. I provide coaching prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.

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