Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding  

Postpartum belly binding is a tradition used in many cultures around the world for healing after birth.

Binding the hips and belly for 34 consecutive days postpartum offers support, stability and comfort to the muscles, skin and internal organs to repair and bring healing to the body. During pregnancy, the vertical abdominal muscles widen and thin to accommodate growing babies, which can result in diastasis recti (where ab muscles separate and may stay separated if not properly cared for), back issues, hernias and bulging of the abdomen.

Binding is a terrific way to heal the muscle walls back together and also support your spine and posture. There is a thought that binding also helps with emotional healing after pregnancy.

Culturally, binding is considered a ceremony of “sealing” the body in which pregnancy ends and the woman now transitions into motherhood.

Many women report binding to be effective in healing after a miscarriage, during menstration, cearsean and hysterectomy.  And most of all, belly binding feels really good.

In addition to belly binding Julianne will provide you guided instruction on how to apply your wrap with a postpartum tummy toning kit and organic Ayurvedic tummy firming paste.

The toning kit and paste may be used on its own or applied beneath your Bengkung belly wrap.

The belly oil was designed to be used as a tummy toning mask treatment with or without our Ayurvedic spice. The paste are known to help to tone, brighten and firm tummy, reduce water & fat retention and fade scar & stretch marks. This Ayurvedic mix of organic spices is healing and warming to the skin. It will help eliminate excess water and recondition the postpartum skin.



What Is Included in a Belly Binding Package?

  • Wrap: An eco friendly, hand dyed, 17-yard muslin cotton wrap in your color choice. Hand stamped with a beautiful design.
  • Private Binding Session and Instruction: I come to your house with all the supplies. I'll wrap you and teach you how to wrap yourself.
  • (Optional) Postpartum Tummy Toning Oil: Bottle holds enough for 12-40 uses. Ingredients include castor oil, hazelnut oil, and rosehip seed oil.
  • (Optional) Organic Ayurvedic Tummy Paste: Herb mix includes enough for 12 tummy paste applications. Ingredients includes all organic turmeric, cumin, ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon.


Contact me now with questions or to schedule your personal postpartum belly binding session.

Ask me about discounts when you hire me for both birth and postpartum doula support.

Bengkung Belly Binding

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