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Get information about pregnancy-related depression and find Colorado coordinators who can give you support and resources in your area.

For women with pregnancy-related depression and anxiety, each day can be a struggle. Having a new baby is hard but we can help make it easier for you.

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You might feel overwhelmed with all of the therapists’ profiles you have looked at or all of the failed attempts you may have had to improve your situation.

​I get it.

I have been on both sides of this table and can easily take myself back to that sense of despair, frustration, and anxiety, just trying to find a solution. I set out to be the therapist I needed, one that cut the crap and truly wanted to help me as quickly as possible in a way that felt authentic to who I was as a person.

So, who am I as a therapist? I will be honest. I expect a lot of my clients. I expect that you are committed to therapy and ready for change, coming to therapy ready to put in the hard work.

No therapist, sadly not even me, can do the work for you. I do not possess a magic wand that can instantly make all of your problems disappear (though I so wish I did). That said, I am an active participant in your therapy, tailoring everything I do to exactly what you need, not what your neighbor or sister may need. I am far from a robot, showing up as an authentic, and equally flawed, human in every session.

From time to time, I share my own experiences, letting you know that you are not alone and giving you insider knowledge of why I do what I do. I am compassionate and warm, but also straightforward and not afraid to hold your feet, and your loved one’s feet, to the fire.

Let’s face it. If you enjoyed being in your comfort zone as it stands, you would not be coming to see me. You have to get uncomfortable to experience lasting change and the relief you so desperately seek. While it can be very challenging in the moment, I guarantee it is 100% worth it!

I deeply and personally understand the challenges you are facing. I have true compassion and an authentic ability to identify complex emotions, even if you do not have the words to name your emotions yourself. My clients have often said that I have a gift in taking all of the chaos in their head and putting it into words that make sense, leading them to feel seen, heard, and understood, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

I am truly passionate about leading people to the same support and inner peace that I found when I sat on the other side of that table.

So how did I get here?

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University, followed by my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northwestern University. I concluded my education earning my Doctorate of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy at Florida State University.

I worked in several different settings, receiving hundreds of hours of supervision and very intensive therapeutic training. Through all of this, I gained a ton of insight and tools to help individuals, couples, and families facing a vast array of concerns return to how they dreamed their life would be. I am a clinical fellow of the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I have taught university courses, guest lectures, and parent training programs. In therapy, I utilize many several different therapeutic approaches, including:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Family Systems
Mindfulness-Based Practices
Solution Focused Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy

My hope is that this brief introduction has been helpful in your determining if I am the right therapist for you. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to check out my FAQ section, email me, call me, or set up that FREE no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation.

Even if not with me, I sincerely hope you find the support you need and the joy you deserve!



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Contact Name:: Dr. Kim Murray, LMFT
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Short Business Description: Are you feeling in flux, like your life is changing in ways that are difficult to manage or adapt to? Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges you are facing? Life transitions can bring a variety of stresses across many areas of our lives and may be accompanied by uncomfortable feelings, strained relationships, and difficulty coping. If you are seeking support in managing anticipated or already occurring life changes for yourself or your family, you are in the right place.
I specialize in working with individuals, couples, and families of all ages who are facing life transitions, such as emerging adolescence, the transition to parenthood, and older adult lifestyle changes. I am also a doula-informed therapist, having worked with birthing families for over 8 years prior to becoming a therapist.
Life changes can be complicated and messy, and it’s okay to feel stuck. Reaching out for support can help you and your loved ones move forward with more peace and purpose. I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Bio: “Stephanie works with families in group classes or individually to help them prepare for whatever the moment requires in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Birthing From Within honors childbirth as a rite of passage in which the parents are “born” into their new roles, and classes honor and support the profound process that parents are undergoing.

Additionally, Stephanie is trained to work with individually with people who are struggling with a difficult or disappointing experience in childbirth and would like validation and help in making sense of their story.

Providing Childbirth Classes, Refresher Classes, Birth Art Sessions, and Birth Story Processing”

Phone Number: (970) 672-0691
Contact Name:: Stephanie Rayburn, MFTC