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About Julianne

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Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement Doula Serving Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming

Why Julianne as Your Doula?

Regardless of how many babies you've had, each labor is different and each child has a different personality.  The “unknown” through birth and parenting can be uncomfortable and often full of surprises. 

The families I work with are often trying to navigate a barrage of information and a whole spectrum of emotions. Friends and strangers alike may provide unlimited (and often unsolicited) or scary advice with the best intentions. Maybe your sister swears by the benefits of home birth while your neighbor is encouraging you to schedule your cesarsean a week in advance. It can be difficult to know what feels right for you when there are so many options.

Pregnancy and parenting is the most wonderful, frustrating, challenging, and amazing experience you will ever go through. And often all at the same time. For this reason you need a compassionate and approachable person (ehhmm like me) in your corner. Someone who listens, understands the complexity of what you are going through and can help simplify it for you.

A birthworker (that's me) who will be by your side every step of the way unconditionally. Someone without a BS approach. Someone with high standards of professionalism, love, a sense of humor and authenticity.


It not only takes a village, but it takes the RIGHT village.


Together, you and I will think through all of your options so you can make decisions that make sense for you. No judgment. No preconceived ideas about what you need.

I am so proud and honored to be listed in 2017 and 2018 as one of the 9 Best Doula's of Fort Collins.


How will Julianne Do(ula) You?

Every family has a different experience and a different set of goals and challenges for their birth. I have worked with families in myriad circumstances and make no assumptions or judgments about your experience.  

What I do know is no matter our birth story, we need support. And there is nothing I love more than providing encouragement,  support and education to a family planning their birth.

Pregnancy and delivery are an important, but small part of becoming a parent.   Regardless of how much experience someone may have with babies, bringing home a new addition comes with a new set of joys and challenges.  Some of these may seem minor – like a mother I spoke to recently who was worried she wouldn’t know how to give her baby a bath. Some issues may simply be unexpected – like when a family needs help figuring out how to eat and shower when they were alone with their children.

For these reasons, I built my practice to include postpartum doula services

Together, we can plan and address your concerns for after birth, also called the 4th trimester and make the transition to parenthood manageable and wonderful.

As your postpartum doula, I will be there to support you during the challenges you anticipate and for those you never expected.   And as a Certified Lactation Counselor,  I will assist you, in your home, with breastfeeding. 

Having helped so many families with diverse experiences, I can provide a unique and informed perspective to support your family as you adjust to life with a new baby.  Postpartum moms will also get the maternal care and nurturing they need for recovery.  Even down to making sure they are getting good nutrition.  A nurtured (and nourished) mother will have more energy to nurture her family.

You should know, I'm likely going to make you laugh - a lot.  I will listen to you and see you. The real you.  And I'm not only going to support your partner but I'll help them support you too. And I'm not afraid to cry with you when that is also needed.


Unique and Challenging Birth Situations

Parents experiencing unexpected pregnancy challenges can benefit from the unique emotional support of a bereavement doula.

Often I learn there may be personal history that affects the pregnancy and delivery experience for families. I specialize in supporting women who may be severely triggered during labor and delivery such as women who have survived trauma, including sexually assault.

If you are a mom intending to place your baby in the home of an adoptive family, I will support you. Single mothers, couples from all walks of life, first-time parents, teen moms, and experienced mothers, I've got you.

If you are a experiencing a miscarriage, delivering or delivered a stillborn baby, struggling with fertility issues, spending unplanned time in the NICU, or delivering a healthy baby after a previous loss I will be by your side the entire way.

Each birth must be handled with the special love and care I give to each client.


Julianne's Perspective

Through my experience, I have come to understand every parent has strengths and every parent has challenges.  There is no type of birth or set of circumstances that will determine whether or not you will be a good mom or dad.  Your childhood, your background, your age, or marital status do not necessarily dictate how easily parenting will come to you or what type of experience you will have as a new parent.

Postpartum depression is very real and can be completely unexpected. Even under the best of circumstances, mothers (and partners) can find themselves in a dark place after their baby comes home.

This is a common experience and is not an indicator of failure in any way. As your doula, I can help you understand your feelings and work with you to find the peace and confidence you need to move past this experience.

Other experiences like simply learning how best to manage day-to-day responsibilities with a new baby can also feel challenging. It’s nearly impossible to learn everything there is to know about caring for a baby in the short nine months you’ve had to prepare. And it is difficult introducing new siblings into an existing family. When questions come up or daily experiences feel harder than they should – you can ask your doula (ME) for help.

In these and a whole host of other experiences,  I will serve as your guide and your helping hand as you adjust to your new life. I will be there to celebrate with you, to sit in the darkness, to laugh, to cry, and most of all, to make sure you are unconditionally cared for, validated, listened to, and supported throughout your experience.


Julianne's Experience

I have had the honor of coaching families through the birth of their children for more than 20 years. During this time, I have attended countless births for friends and clients.

Through these experiences, I have worked with moms from all cultures and backgrounds. I have worked with first time parents, fifth-time parents, single moms, teen moms, adoptive parents, grandparents, survivors of trauma and domestic violence, and same sex couples.

I attend hospital and home births, cesarean section births, un-medicated births, and pain-managed labors. I believe each family deserves the highest level of loving support to have whatever kind of birth they desire - free from judgment.

I also work with families through miscarriage, stillbirth, and pregnancy after loss to help process and understand grief and loss they are experiencing.

I believe every mother and family, in every circumstance, should have nonjudgmental continuous support during birth and beyond, whatever the situation.


About Julianne

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my family and two sweet dogs. I am a mother and a (very very very young hip Grandmother).  

I currently facilitate a miscarriage and pregnancy/parenting after loss support  at 3Hopeful Hearts. I am an childbirth education instructor for the The Women's Clinic of Northern Colorado.  And serving as the President of The Northern Colorado Doula Association (NCDA).

On top of my training, I bring together my life experiences and channel them into a deep desire to enable and empower my clients to become their best selves.

I firmly believe relationships, human connection, and emotional support are vital to good health and a successful parenting career.

Ready to work together? Let's get started...Contact me now!

Juliannes Qualifications

Julianne is a certified birth and bereavement doula trained to provide doula services during any trimester of pregnancy with any birth outcome. She is also currently serving as the President for the Northern Colorado Doula Association.  

Julianne has received the following certifications and continuing education:

Certified Lactation Counselor  - Dec - 2017 - ALAP
Trained CAPPA Childbirth Educator - Dec 2017
Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula 2016 - Stillbirthday
Trained Birth Doula 2015 - Dona International
Trained Postpartum Doula 2016 - Dona International
Certified Expert Robozo Credential 2017 - GK University
Trained Life Coach - 2005 - Fearless Living Institute

Awards and Recognition:

Best Doula in Fort Collins

I am proudly affiliated with:

Northern Colorado Doula Association President - 2018
Northern Colorado Doula Association Vice-President -2017
Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition Professional Member - 2018
DONA International Member 2015-Current
SBD Birth & Bereavement University Graduate - 2016
Special Kids, Special Care Inc. NICU Consortium Fellow Member - 2017
The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death Member - 2017
Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member 2016-Current
Colorado Doulas Association Member 2016-Current
Accessible Birth Connection For Families Doula  2016-Current
UnitedWay Women Give Business Member of Larimer County - 2016 Member 2016- Current
Natural Childbirth Directory 2015-Current
Larimer County Anti-Trafficking Task Force -2015-Current
Larimer Small Business Development Center Member 2015-Current
Just Be Kind Facebook Community -2013-Current

Expecting Directory

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