Bereavement Doula Services

What is a Bereavement Doula?

A bereavement doula is a professionally trained person who provides emotional support to mothers and families through the many aspects of pregnancy loss during or after any gestation. 

The support received is similar in nature to the support received from a labor doula; however, support through pregnancy loss is more complex and specialized.

As a bereavement doula I’m with you prior to, during, and after the birth of a baby who has been miscarried, stillborn, or is not expected to live. 

A key area of support is helping a family say hello to their baby despite having to say goodbye.

Bereavement Doula Services

I’m trained to provide the most loving support and care to you during any trimester of pregnancy, with any birth outcome. I’m qualified to provide support in situations of:

  • fertility struggle, 
  • miscarriage, 
  • chemical pregnancy, 
  • blighted ovum, 
  • ectopic pregnancy, 
  • fatal diagnosis, 
  • carrying to term, 
  • diagnosis/anticipatory grief, 
  • rainbow/live birth,
  • abortion, 
  • twins and multiples, 
  • NICU stay
  • postpartum maternal care and more. 

Bereavement services are provided at NO charge. Donations are accepted.

As a bereavement doula, I help with:

  • Family preparation to include birth education and coping plans.
  • Logistical and birth planning for miscarriage, birth at home, hospital admission and birth, memorial/funeral services, returning to work, home stabilization, and more.
  • Comfort measures during the labor and birth process.
  • After birth support. Self-care and support plans, meal preparation and coordination, going home plans, and more.
  • Welcoming assistance when requested. Preparation for welcoming baby, holding, swaddling, bathing, arranging for photography of baby and family (including siblings) as desired.
  • Non-Medical postpartum maternal care (general postpartum health, locia/bleeding, nutrition and meals, facing lactation options, and more).
  • NICU support and companionship.
  • Explaining the difference between grief, mourning, and depression.
  • Referrals for additional support such as therapists, photographers, financial assistance, sibling counseling, postpartum mood disorders, support groups, and more.
  • Farewell Ceremonies Resources (laws and information for ways to say goodbye).
  • Support while going through IVF.
  • Remembrance, Keepsake assistance, Birth and Bereavement Announcements.

Bereavement doula fees

Bereavements are provided at no cost. Donations accepted here.

Bereavement Resources

Support after loss is a crucial step in healthy healing. Please don’t walk your journey alone. Please visit my resources page to view a list of regional and national support for pregnancy loss, infertility, and stillbirth.

If you are facing a loss right now…
If you have faced a loss in the past…
If find yourself pregnant after a loss…
If you are struggling to get pregnant…

Please reach out to me for support. I am here to help. And if I can’t help I will refer you to a resource who can. I do not want any woman or family to face these struggles alone.  Please, contact me  now about the various bereavement doula services I offer to you and your family.

***Trigger Warning***

The video below demonstrates how a Bereavement Doula may support you during the loss of a pregnancy. The video addresses the topic of stillbirth and may be distressing. 

What Customers Are Saying

Julianne came to the hospital in the middle of the night when our son,Wayne, passed away tragically in the NICU and was with us when we went to the funeral home the next morning. We had never met her prior to this. She was a great advocate and reminded my husband and myself that we had time to think about the heartbreaking decisions that needed to be made regarding the loss of Wayne. She helped my family set us up a meal train and to this day still checks in on me almost a year later. She has been a wonderful resource to go to now with the new experience of not only a twin pregnancy, but a pregnancy after our sweet baby Wayne. I would highly recommend.

– Ali M. 

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