Birth Doula Services

You don’t have to go it alone – get loving, professional support no matter where you are

I’m here to offer my in-person (or virtual) personalized support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  I’ve mastered a whole new way of doing business that leaves you empowered and supported no matter how your baby gets here. 

Working with me starts with a complimentary zoom chat to make sure we’re a good fit. Then once you decide to book, your support begins! Yep, you have me as your pregnancy and birth wingwoman long before labor kicks in.  And after your birth my team is here to support you postpartum too. 

As your labor doula, you can count on my non-judgemental support, nurturing, kindness, humor, honesty, encouragement and dedication in guiding you and your partner through your birth.  I offer packages to fit every budget.  

Each package includes the following non-medical aspects of care:

  • One, in-person or virtual consultation session, FREE of charge.
  • (1) 1:1 prenatal appointment prior to childbirth to ease fears, provide education, practice comfort measures for labor, and build your personalized labor support plan and birth preferences.
  • Complimentary membership in my prenatal group for you to learn more about birth (and beyond) while joining an accepting, badass community of new parent friends to be with you every step of the way. We meet VIRTUALLY (until covid is squashed) twice monthly and you’re welcome to come as much as you like!
  • Emotional and physical support through active labor and shortly after the delivery of your baby. Labor support is provided in your home or in one of the local Northern Colorado hospitals or birth centers.
  • Regular pregnancy and new baby information is delivered to your inbox during gestation and the first year. Expect tips, jokes, hints, and advice from your doula (and BFF)!
  • Availability to you and your partner by phone, text, and email throughout your pregnancy.
  • 24×7 On-call labor support starting at 38 weeks gestation until your baby is born.
  • Photography during labor and birth is included with every package at no extra charge.
  • Evidence-based education for you/your partner on pregnancy, labor options, and all things newborn.
  • I’m here for partners too.  Partners, I’m here to make you look good by helping you know exactly what to be doing during the birth process and how to be the best support to your laboring person.  Together, we become the support team the birthing person needs to feel calm, confident and supported.
  • One or more lactation/parenting home visits after birth. (Number is based off the package purchased.) You can add always on additional lactation support visits to any birth package.
  • Written birth notes provided to you after baby is born.

Do I really need a birth doula?

Numerous studies have documented huge benefits of having an experienced doula attend births.  A doula understands the physical and emotional needs of a laboring person and will assist a mother and her partner to prepare for childbirth and have a more positive birth experience.

With the support of a doula:

  • Cesarean rates are reduced by 53%
  • Length of labor is reduced by 25%
  • Use of Pitocin is reduced by 40%
  • Need for pain medication is reduced by 30%
  • Requests for epidural pain management is reduced by 60 %
  • Mom’s self image is increased
  • Satisfaction in the overall birth experience is increased
  • Relationship between mom and partner improved

With the support of a doula, babies are: 

  • More likely to have higher APGAR scores
  • Less likely to be admitted to special care units.(Information provided by Mothering the Mother, Klaus, Klaus, and Kennel

Studies have shown with a doula present at birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications.
— DONA International ( published an article showing the benefits of having a doula. Read more on the research here.

Virtual Doula Services:

Get the same amazing doula support and education, but virtually. Great for those who prefer a more intimate birth space with behind the scenes support.

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1-1 Birth Consulting:

Through your 1-1 sessions with a certified doula you’ll learn comfort techniques, determine birth preferences, get partner support tips, learn how to advocate for yourself and get all your questions answered.

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Appointment Support:

A doula can lessen stress and anxiety, help with advocacy by attending doctor appointments, procedures, or ultrasounds with you.

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Birth Doula Packages & Fees

Prices vary based on the package of your choosing. 

When it comes to pricing, please email me and I’ll gladly provide you with info on my current packages and pricing. I provide a valuable service and bring lots of experience, I hope you will value equally as much. 

Ask me about how to donate doula support to a family in need or sliding scale support.

Pay-it-Forward Birth Doula Services:
I believe all families who want doula care should be able to have access to a doula.  Please consider making a donation to a family who cannot afford doula services on their own or to a family needing bereavement services.

Other Services

Postpartum belly binding is a tradition used in many cultures around the world for healing. It supports the hips and belly for stability and comforts the muscles, skin and internal organs to repair and heal the body.

Belly Binding >


As a ALPP Certified Lactation Counselor, AKA the Boob Whisper, Julianne brings stress-free approach to help you meet all your breastfeeding and pumping goals.

Lactation Services >


With private or a small group sessions, Strong as a Mother Coaching helps you feel less isolated after having children and gives you a safe way to ask all your baby questions and be encouraged through each stage your baby has you stressing about.

Parent Coaching>

What Customers Are Saying

I don’t even know where to begin. My husband and I would not have made it through labor without her. She went above and beyond to make sure both of our needs were met. She was always one step ahead knowing what we needed before we even knew. Julianne was by my side through all the highs and lows of labor always calming me and encouraging me. She never once stop believing in me and also made sure my husband was taking care of himself as well. Julianne was our rock and made our experience so much better in so many ways. I can’t recommend her enough and there is no question in my mind she will be by my side again when the time comes to grow our family. There are not enough words to thank her properly for how selflessly she took care of us. Julianne is forever family to us 💙

– Lauren H.

My husband and I interviewed several doulas for the birth of our first baby, and even from the interview Julianne made me feel comfortable and calm about my pregnancy and pending labor/delivery experience. She was available and reassuring when I had questions in the months leading up to baby’s birthday, and the prenatal appointments were so helpful in preparing us. I feel like I got more and better information from her than I did my OB at times! Even during labor when I was waffling on my birth plan, Julianne was supportive and encouraging in a way that made me feel confident to advocate for myself and choose a path forward. I couldn’t have made it through labor and delivery without her gentle suggestions and physical support, and she even took photos of our newborn for us when we realized we’d left our phones, and thus our cameras, in the car! I would highly recommend Julianne for anyone wanting a doula, and I would love to work with her again in the event of future pregnancies!”

– Paula S.


Julianne made all the difference in the birth of our first child this past March! She was supportive, knowledgeable, kind and professional. With her encouragement and pain management techniques during labor I was able to have the labor/delivery I was hoping for. Another great aspect of working with Julianne was the way in which she helped my husband to support me during labor: she showed him ways that he could make a huge difference in helping reduce my pain, and that allowed him to play an active role during the whole labor/delivery process, which he and I really appreciated. We would highly recommend Julianne as a doula!

– Rachel S. 

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Julianne! She is the sweetest most calm and caring person and I am so grateful she helped me bring my daughter into the world. My labor and delivery could not have gone better and I know she is to thank. I was much more prepared for this birth than I was with my first, and I know it is because of what she did to prepare us. Her experience and advice during the last weeks of pregnancy and during my delivery were priceless. She was professional, thorough, and a strong advocate for my wants and needs. She was an excellent coach not only to me but to my husband as well as they both worked together. Her prenatal and postnatal visits proved to be as beneficial as her presence in the delivery room. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession and it shows in her work! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I meet.

– Katelyn M. 


Serving Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, Greeley, Eaton, Windsor, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Ault, Severance, Firestone & Fredrick.