Overnight Nanny Services

An overnight nanny is a dedicated caregiver who provides essential support and assistance to parents during the nighttime hours. Their primary role is to take care of the baby’s needs, allowing exhausted parents to get much-needed rest and sleep.

Our overnight nannies are knowledgeable in handling nighttime routines and sleep training techniques, helping to establish healthy sleep patterns for the baby.

Hiring an overnight nanny can be immensely beneficial for new parents in so many ways. Most notably, adequate rest helps parents maintain their energy levels, improves mood, and enhances their ability to bond with the baby during waking hours.

The guidance and expertise of an experienced overnight nanny can instill confidence in parents and ease the transition into parenthood, creating a nurturing environment for both the baby and parents during this tender stage of life.

What is included in a night nanny package?

  • A night nanny will come to your home to learn baby’s routine and support them through the night.
  • Choose between 8-hour or 10-hour night shifts.
  • Sessions can be purchased in visits of five (5, 10, 15, 20) to allow for consistency and stability in baby’s care.

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