As a Northern Colorado doula, I understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of pregnancy all too well. Nothing is as exhilarating or blissful as discovering that you’re carrying the life of your baby – it’s a dream come true. But that bliss can quickly wear off if you know loss or once the morning sickness, itchy skin, swollen ankles, and endless potty breaks start to take over.

But I’m here to remind you that you’ve got this! Your body is working its magic. You’re growing a baby in there and yes, it can be scary, strange, and overwhelming especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy or if you’ve experienced trauma or loss during or after a previous pregnancy. If it was hard to get here or if you’re working through a wide array of emotions, I see you and support you right where you are. 

Your pregnancy is miraculous. And whether you’re embodying the rosy-cheeked goddess swirling around in a lush field or feeling a wide range of discomfort or uncertainty, there are some rather remarkable things that birthing people experience when they’re pregnant. 

Here’s a few fun and interesting perks of pregnancy. Can you think of any others? 

  1. Being Waited On – There isn’t any shame in enjoying this aspect of pregnancy. Soak it in now because after baby, you’re the one doing the waiting! Somebody better be scrambling to hold the door open for you or lift anything heavier than 12 ounces. It’s glorious. It makes you feel like the queen you are. 
  1. Cravings – Nothing feels as good or as satisfying as sinking your teeth into your pregnancy craving. Whatever it is – fresh veggies, watermelon, pickles and peanut butter, it doesn’t matter. Eat it five days in a row and let it fill your soul. 
  1. Great Skin and Hair – Thick lush hair and dewy skin? Yes, please. High five to the increased levels of estrogen and androgen during pregnancy giving you the voluminous hair and glowy complexion that you’ve always dreamed of. Soak it in now because after baby it’s a whole different story.
  1. The Perfect Excuse to Say No – What better excuse for not wanting to get dressed and leave the house than that you’re growing a small human? Bonus: This flows into parenthood as well. I can’t go because it’s naptime, bedtime, kiddo isn’t feeling well, etc. You’ve got a free pass and you deserve it. 
  1. Blame it on Pregnancy Brain – Pregnancy brain is a thing. Struggling to remember details or focus on tasks is normal when you’re pregnant. Hormones and physiological changes are the culprit and it can be a strange and unwelcome side effect. But it’s important to give yourself a break. After a long day of being pregnant, tired, and achy you’re allowed to blame it on pregnancy brain. Crying for no reason? Pregnancy brain. Can’t find your keys? Pregnancy brain. Need to hole up on the couch and watch hours of Netflix? Pregnancy brain. Give yourself grace when it comes to the mind mush.  
  1. Comfy Clothes – No more skinny jeans, heels, waistbands or any other uncomfortable clothing nonsense. Take this time to relish elastic waistbands and maternity wear. Now that’s more like it!

  2. Feeling Empowered in Your Body – Regardless of how you got here and the fact that it can be uncomfortable, you’re pregnant. You’re forming a baby in your belly. You did it. You’re body is not failing you in this minute. You’re doing it. And you’re doing a great job.  

These are just a few observations on the perks of being pregnant. Also if you have experienced loss in the past and find it hard to feel joy and hope right now, find a pregnancy after loss support group. In a group like that you will be able to meet other parents that truly understand the feels you’re experiencing. If you’re in Northern Colorado here are details on the PAL group I help facilitate:  

As a doula in Northern Colorado, it is my life’s work to empower you to feel and be your best in all stages of the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Please contact me with any questions about pregnancy or doula services.