Sex Post Baby: How to get Mama in the Mood

So you had a baby and now have the all clear for postpartum sex. But does the thought of sex post baby  make you cringe because you are tired AF? Are you afraid to take your new body for a spin around the block? Or maybe you’ve had kids for a while now and you…

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Holiday Survival Guide in Ten Manageable Steps

holiday survival

  Holidays can range from an enthusiastic yay to a hard nay, depending mainly on who your family is and how you get along. For many, the holidays are super exciting. But others actually dread this time of year. Our lives are filled with stress and sometimes a lot of pain. Family can sometimes exacerbate…

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Do You Need A Doula For The Second Baby?


We’ve heard all the ways and seen all the memes describing how the second kid gets screwed. The first kid got a scrapbook with all the trimmings. While the second’s images have never been removed from the cloud (if the photos were ever taken in the first place!) He or she had a perfectly decorated…

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Planning The Fourth Trimester – Your Babymoon

Planning For Forth Trimester

Many of my clients are preparing for the births of their new babies. Parents spend months and months anticipating and planning for childbirth, and while doing so is important, it’s easy to forget to prepare for your “babymoon” – the time when baby actually gets here. Postpartum – or as I like to call it “The…

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