Having a baby is a marathon, not a sprint. And your race doesn’t end when the baby is born. In fact, it’s just beginning in a lot of ways. Your body has undergone so much in the last few months and in order to finish strong, your body needs all the support it can get. In addition to eating well and taking care of yourself, one of the best things you can do is consider belly binding. I offer postpartum belly binding in Fort Collins and surrounding areas and I’m excited to tell you a little bit more about it. 

Postpartum belly binding has been around for generations in cultures around the world. I practice a Bengkung style belly binding method that is derived from the Malaysian culture. This belly binding style utilizes one long piece of organic muslin fabric, that is wrapped from your hips up to the top of your rib cage. The knots create both a visually appealing and comforting support system for your postpartum body. 

Your body must change, widen, and stretch to give your baby space to grow. This can create significant postpartum conditions including diastasis recti (where ab muscles separate and may stay separated if not properly cared for postpartum), back issues, hernias, and bulging of the abdomen. But even in normal pregnancies, your abdominal muscles stretch and change. 

I’m honored to offer postpartum belly binding in Fort Collins and beyond to give you the tools you need to finish the marathon. Postpartum belly binding is a great way to give your core some stability and the support they need so you can heal and recover from pregnancy and delivery. 

Belly binding is useful for the many phases of life, including healing and comfort after vaginal birth, miscarriages, during menstruation, cesareans, and hysterectomies. 

One study of cesarean births found that women+ who used belly binding experienced less pain, bleeding, and discomfort as compared to those who had a cesarean, but did not practice belly binding. Other studies have found that belly binding can also help birthing persons who have had a vaginal birth with pain and other discomforts associated with birth. Anecdotally, binding (also known as closing of the bones) have been reported to help with emotional healing as well. This reduction in pain and discomfort, both mentally and physically, helps moms better focus on their babies. 

I am honored to provide postpartum belly binding in Fort Collins and beyond to new parents. I love the tradition and symbolism this healing tool can provide postpartum bodies. Click here to learn more about my belly binding services. 

Some FAQs about postpartum belly binding in Fort Collins and beyond include:

Who is belly binding good for? Belly binding is great for nearly anyone! Belly binding has been found to be useful for healing and comfort after vaginal births, miscarriages, during menstruation, cesareans, and hysterectomies. It’s an inexpensive tool to help your body recover from the changes and growth it has gone through lately.

When is a good time to do belly binding?  We can bind you as soon as 3-6 days postpartum. It’s also never too late to use a bind for comfort.

How does it work? I’ll provide you with a beautiful eco-friendly, hand-dyed, 17-yard organic cotton wrap in your color choice. I’ll teach you how to wrap yourself and how to care for your postpartum body. I recommend wearing the wrap for 12 hours a day, every day, for 40 days.

What are the benefits of a belly bind? Belly binding is SO good for your body! It moves your separated abdominal muscles back into the place they should be for healing. It encourages pelvic healing, reduces back pain, helps make breastfeeding more comfortable, and helps to stabilize your core. Belly binding also helps with reducing swelling and bloating. Belly binding promotes healing from your cesarean and assists you in moving around with less pain after surgery. It’s also reported to aid in emotional healing in the case of miscarriage, stillbirth, and hysterectomies.

Can I do belly binding if I’ve had a cesarean? Yep! They’re a great tool to help your body heal from major surgery. We will bind above your scar to not put any pressure on your incision or pelvic floor.

Can I do belly binding if you’re not my doula? Of course! I offer postpartum belly binding in Fort Collins and beyond, even if you did not hire me to be your doula. When you book a belly binding service with me, I’ll come to your house (or meet you on Zoom!) and teach you how to use the bind. Click here to learn more.

What if I don’t live in Fort Collins? No problem! I offer virtual belly binding services. I’ll mail you the binding materials and teach you how to do it over Zoom. 

Why “Belly Binding” over using a velcro belly binder? Oftentimes the velcro belly binders you buy on the internet do not give you the support and coverage you need. They can add pressure to your pelvic floor causing other issues. Most of them usually stretch out over time making them unusable for the length of time they are needed. Belly binders tend to be hot and can dig into your skin. Belly binding is like a gentle hug for your hips and torso and feels really good where the binders can feel annoying and uncomfortable on your body. 

If you’re having a baby or any other kind of major abdominal surgery in the coming months, let’s talk. I am confident belly binding is just the thing you need to continue this marathon.