Mocktails & Toast – Pregnancy Survival Hacks for Summer

Summer isn’t quite over. If you’re expecting, you may feel like the cooler temps couldn’t arrive any sooner for your pregnancy survival.  If you’re looking for ways to survive the rest of this summer and the resulting low energy, here is my list of hacks which most definetly include moctails (faux-coctails) and toast. Read more…

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Holiday Survival Guide in Ten Manageable Steps

holiday survival

  Holidays can range from an enthusiastic yay to a hard nay, depending mainly on who your family is and how you get along. For many, the holidays are super exciting. But others actually dread this time of year. Our lives are filled with stress and sometimes a lot of pain. Family can sometimes exacerbate…

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​Are You Surviving Or Thriving?

surviving thriving

Are you surviving or thriving? Once we become an “adult” it’s far too easy to get stuck in the mundane routines of life. You may wonder if you are just surviving,  or are you thriving.   Whether good or bad, the humdrum of waking up, going to work, running errands, making meals, and Netflix before…

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No Joy? Feel, Deal and Heal

feel deal heal

Upon first glance this photo made me laugh in hysterics. I mean, all parents probably feel the frustration of trying to get active kids to pose for the yearly family photo without the necessary cooperation needed to look like the perfect happy unit. As my laughter subsided, I looked at this photo a little closer and…

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