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What do you think of when you think of chiropractic care?  I bet neck pain or back pain came to mind, didn’t it?!  While that is something we commonly help with, limiting chiropractic to just that is almost like only using your iPhone for the calculator. Our goal at Reconnect Chiropractic is to educate and help families live to their fullest potential. In this post, we’ll focus a bit on mamas and kiddos but don’t hesitate to reach out for any other questions you might have. 

Mamas, we understand that your health throughout the process of having that beautiful baby is vitally important. Regular chiropractic adjustments will not only boost your immune system and help keep you well but also ensure that your pelvis stays aligned during your pregnancy for an easier delivery and quicker postpartum recovery. In our field, we often hear parents having a better birthing experience throughout their pregnancy because of regular chiropractic care.

With that being said, it is important to note that we use a technique called Webster’s Technique on prenatal patients. The Webster Technique is used to analyze and gently adjust the pelvis. When the pelvis is properly aligned, the baby has a nice home and plenty of room to move around in, but when we have misalignments, then that room gets slightly smaller and is not as comfortable for you or your baby.

This can lead to babies turning in a breech position and an increased chance of C-section. If your pelvis is even slightly rotated or has tighter muscles on one side more than the other, this can change the baby’s position to an unfavorable one, causing you discomfort and more difficult labor. There have been many studies that show proper pelvic alignment improves an optimal position for the baby to grow and then descend when it is time. It’s important to note that Webster’s Technique is used to balance and align the pelvis, not to turn a breech baby, even though it happens often as a result of proper alignment. Prenatal care plans vary based on the initial presentation, exam, and concern of the patient.

Having regular chiropractic adjustments throughout your pregnancy can help with:

  • Sciatic pain
  • Low back pain/ Pelvic pain
  • Decreased labor time/ usage of possible interventions
  • Headaches
  • Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel
  • Pelvic misalignments
  • Fatigue
  • Malpresentation of baby in the uterus
  • Heartburn

For pediatric chiropractic care, many parents wonder if, or even how, care can help their kids. You are not alone if you have questions and we encourage you to ask and learn more about chiropractic care for kids. Starting care early establishes a foundation for balanced neurological development. Since there is quite a bit of strain after delivery it is important to get your baby checked for any muscle or neurological imbalances.

Some of these issues can lead to torticollis, change in head shape, latching/nursing equally on both sides, discomfort, ability to start crawling, and even the infamous colic. You see, it is not so much as corrective care for children, but preventive care. Since they do not have all the stress, aches, and pains as an adult has, they usually respond much quicker than adults. Even though they don’t have the same stresses as adults, they do go through many changes that require a clear nervous system to adapt, and that’s where chiropractic care can help.

A Recent Pediatric Case: * Name changed due to patient protection and privacy*.

A new mom brought her 5-week old baby boy in with the complaint of excessive fussiness, constipation, and lack of sleep. Roman’s longest stretch of sleep was 3 hours at night and 30 minutes during the day.  These symptoms seemed to start not long after he had a tongue tie revision at 2 weeks old. Let’s just say, mom was exhausted and worried!

Roman presented with a very stiff posture, arched back, and extended neck. He appeared very uncomfortable while laying on his back and wouldn’t let me bend his legs to his chest. When I held him up, his right hip was flexed up and very fussy. During the exam, there was an increased tone in his mid-low back causing tension throughout the right side of his body. He seemed to favor looking to the right

To increase the “rest and digest” part of the nervous system we adjusted L2, L3 in the lumbar spine and the sacrum in the pelvis using very light pressure. We also checked and adjusted the first bone in the spine, called the atlas, which was shifted over to the right. We then used some global stretches to release some of the tension.

That night, mom reported that Roman slept 5 hours and had a bigger bowel movement than usual. On the second visit, we rechecked and corrected the same areas in the spine. I added cranial work to the adjustment and the stretches.

After 6 more visits, mom said, “he is like a totally different baby”. His longest night’s sleep was 8 hours and was able to lay on his back with no tension and was having 2-3 bowel movements/day.

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