I am SO proud to say that our incredible team has put together the first of its kind short film on the unthinkable – pregnancy loss.

A mother-to-be faces her worst fear during a routine visit to her obstetrician.

In her third trimester, Caroline is at a routine visit to her obstetrician when the unthinkable happens. What follows is a brief look at the grief and experiences a bereaved expecting parent faces in a world where this pain is often hidden. Caroline and her partner begin a path of healing; allowing the support and resources around them to help be their guide.

The film Be Still follows “Caroline” and her partner through the delivery of a stillborn baby, the emotional ups and downs, and their recovery process.

Ben Hess and I wanted to produce this film to open the discussion about miscarriage and how it’s treated in our society. It’s not often talked about and when it is, it’s not necessarily helpful. We hope this film brings light to this dark topic and reminds families that they’re not alone. We also hope it will educate providers and medical professionals on how to incorporate bereavement work into their everyday practice.


This film has been wildly acclaimed and has won the following awards at the Indie Short Fest in LA:

Best Actress
Tabitha Tyree
Best Original Song
Alysia Kraft
Indie Short Fest
Runner-Up / Best Short

It also won Best Actress and Best Director at the Front Range Film Festival.

It is our goal to use this video to teach people across the nation about the importance of supporting parents who are experiencing loss at any stage.

Upcoming Showings:

Be Still will be shown at the Lyons Film Festival on April 23, 2022. Click here to learn more and get tickets.

Stay tuned for other showings.

Watch a teaser here:

Meet the Team

Caroline – Tabitha Tyree
Dr. Moore – Andrea Dratch
Nurse Becky – Amanda Stanton
Meghan – Alex Forbes
Dr. Michaels – Bruce Dunn
Nurse Micki – Baylor Bebo
Doula – Julianne Curtis

Director – Ben Hess
Sound – Russick Smith
Make-up Artist – Becky Donnelly
Production Assistants – Jason Curtis and R.W. Perkins

Executive Producer:
Julianne Curtis

Original Artwork:
“San Clemente” by Shawn McDonald
“Dream Big” by Tanielle Childers

Original Score:
Russick Smith

Original Song:
“Cold Mountain” by Alysia Kraft

Click here to request a screening or training on bereavement support.